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A love of gin…

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16:47 PM

Gin, in my humble opinion, is a hidden treasure that, enjoyed sensibly, can mark significant moments, help celebrate an important occasion or even just be enjoyed for what it is – gin.

For me, gin marks the moment when the day is almost done.  The gentle clink of my favourite gin glass, the tumbling of cubes, the delicious sound of fresh tonic bubbles pouring with the hero of the moment – our gin – bringing the occasion together to create a small moment of magic. 

Gin’s colourful history is a story in itself.  First discovered in the early 1700’s, gin has had a rocky ride from then to now.  Considered an extremely unhealthy addiction for many, it was most likely responsible for foolish accidents, broken relationships, a penniless existence and even untimely deaths.  But like all good things, if enjoyed in moderation, you have a fascinating drop that, in most cases, has a story to tell.

Too often, we can get caught up on all the detail and miss the beauty of the story. A story is everything, to the point where such a tale can draw out the essence of the gin itself.  In the case of Heathcote Gin, the story is pretty simple.  It’s all about the botanicals.  It’s about showcasing a local region with 500,000 , million year-old soils that produce such diversity in our landscape, that deliver flavours and aromas for us to enjoy.

When producing any product with a region in mind, you are enjoying the fruits and botanicals of that region.  In the case of Heathcote Gin, our story begins in the region of Heathcote, which can be found tucked away in the heart of rural Victoria, Australia.