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Sometimes the best-laid plans are turned on their head over long lunches and wayward conversations.  Heathcote Gin is one of those crazy ideas that landed the right way up, and the founder – Clare Voitin – hasn’t looked back.

As a primary producer, Clare has always committed to adopting an ethical and sustainable approach to farming and agriculture, always striving to protect and respect the land she is privileged to use, and to ensure that a more sustainable future in farming is possible for the generations that will follow in her footsteps.

The drawcard to Heathcote was the unique, mineral rich, 500-million-year old Cambrian soils. To think of what could be produced with botanicals grown on such amazing soils boggled the mind.

Creating a regional gin is more than just gin in a bottle.  It’s the journey of exploring local botanicals, the discovery of what may lie on the region’s doorstep and how this discovery may become an exciting opportunity to share something special beyond the local Heathcote community.

The beauty of gin is in its diversity. Unlike other spirits that limit how one can play around with the flavours, aromas and ingredients, gin offers creative scope to come up with exciting new variations on one of the world’s oldest spirits. 

In the case of Heathcote Gin, we pride ourselves on offering a range of gins for all occasions. Whether you like your gins neat, on ice or in your favourite cocktail, there is a perfect Heathcote Gin just for you. 

From the Founders, Fin's Navy or Signature Gin for your Gin & Tonic or Martini, to our award winning Shiraz Gin for a modern twist on the classic G&T, there's a gin for every moment.     

Simply put, making gin using the landscape of Heathcote as the palate is not only exciting but also niched. Nowhere in the world can a spirit be created quite like the one inspired by Heathcote to produce a ‘Spirit of the Region’.


Clare is a lover of eclectic pursuits.  She’s an ideas guru, avid food gardener, published author, farmer and mother of three boys – her ‘greatest mates’ – and the reason behind pretty much everything she does.

Her love of growing food and discovering new local indigenous edible plants and botanicals to grow, have guided Clare down the path of creating her own brand of Gin.  Drawing from the inspiration of local flavours to complement such a Gin meant that her product had the potential to be unique and unlike any other Gin in the world. 

With a deep-seated passion for all things local, and a determination to spread the message of living more sustainably, Clare forged ahead with the task of bringing the idea of local and sustainable into a bottle – Heathcote Gin. 

Now, with ten gins in the range, and a limited-edition series soon to launch, the success of Heathcote Gin appears to have only just begun.