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My name is Clare Voitin - I'm a mother, wife, farmer, passionate food grower, lover of all things local and sustainability nerd.  I'm also the founder of a start-up local gin brand called Heathcote Gin.
I'm the person who, once upon a time, would order a G+T (hold the gin), and since the latest gin craze, have become a diehard gin lover (hold the tonic), due to the seemingly endless array of craft gins available in Australia and around the world.
Since starting my small gin brand in 2019, I've spoken to 1000's of gin enthusiasts, who want to know so much more about gin beyond the spirit in the bottle.  Questions such as:
  • How is gin made? 
  • What botanicals are used? 
  • Where does juniper come from? 
  • How to taste gin and choose your ideal mixer? 
  • What's the perfect garnish? 
  • Where did gin first originate? 
  • What are the best cocktails to make with gin?
So many questions and no book out there (until now) with ALL the answers.
If you love gin - or want to learn more about gin - this book is just for you.
As a writer, I love sharing stories, and love talking to people about all things gin.  After all, it is the world's most popular spirit and there's a fascinating story worth sharing on gin's history, the first cocktail creations, and gin's more essential botanicals sourced from all corners of the globe.
After many, many months researching everything I could find on this amazing spirit, I have written a book that I'm incredibly proud of and cannot wait to share with the wider gin-loving community.  The book is written, the photos are done and all that this project needs is to be printed in time for Christmas.
To support my love of all things local, I have found a printer in Melbourne, who will bring this book to life.  Printing this book in Melbourne supports a local business, and the people it employs.
All we need is you - the gin (or gift) lover to buy a book (or few) to turn this dream into a "beyond words" reality.
I trust that through my efforts in bringing this book to life, you will learn something new  about this incredible spirit, and entice you to explore the wonderful gins available not only on our Aussie doorstep, but around the world. 
Yours in (gin) spirit...